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Mike Jensen
Structural Geometry

A solo exhibit of light, sculpture and photographic works by Mike Jensen,
Curated by Elyse Defoor

November 1 - December 6, 2014

The Xchange Gallery at The Arts Exchange presents Mike Jensen's installation of light, sculpture, and photographic works in a solo exhibit titled "Structural Geometry". The exhibit is a result of Jensen's examination on how even the largest and most complicated things built can be broken down into the simplest forms. 


Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2014

September 12th through October 25th

Artists participating in the exhibit include: 
Jim Alexander, John Brandhorst, Marc Brotherton, Connie Cross, Craig Drennen, Elyse Defoor, Phyllis Free, Ben Goldman, Dana Gray, Anna Hamer, Billy Howard, Laura Kearney, Mark Leibert, Laurie Shock, Preston Thomas, and Lisa Tuttle.

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Sense of Self

About the exhibition:The Xchange Gallery at is pleased to present: Sense of Self on view July 26th to September 6th. The opening reception will be held Saturday, July 26th from 7 to 9 pm. Sense of Self features the work of six artists: Elaine Alibrandi, Elyse Defoor, Elnaz Javani, Kelly
Through diverse mediums the artists explore the impacts of society, culture, and community on identity and varying ideas of womanhood. Each artist
approaches these themes differently, whether exploring their own relationship to the world outside themselves, a specific community's concept of womanhood, or observing general perceptions on the idea of women.

About the artists: Elaine Alibrandi graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in in 1981, studied at the New England School of Art and Design, and is currently based in Boston. She finds inspiration for much of her work from nature and female imagery, both of which to her express strength and vulnerability, power, mystery, and creative potential. Alibrandi is also influenced by her lifelong activism for women's rights. While creating art gives her the freedom to express herself personally, politically, and socially, the various media she employs seem to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers.

Elyse Defoor is a multi­disciplinary artist who is inspired by a person's connection to their inner spirit and unconscious world. From this passionate inspiration, she produces artwork that can be both bold and mysterious yet often playful. Her drawings, paintings, photography and large scale installations have gained international recognition and national exposure. More recently, a collection of over fifty worn wedding dresses has become the basis of an ongoing series of installations, exhibitions and photographs entitled "Relics of Marriage". As Defoor continues to explore the many forms, both hidden and exposed, of the feminine body and spirit, "Shed 6" is a work from the series "After Ever After" which incorporates sculpture and photography.

Elnaz Javani is an Iranian visual artist whose work examines violence, identity and gender issues that underpin her daily life and experiences. She creates sculpture, drawings, photography and installation with different materials such as fabric, thread, photo and sound .She is studying Master of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Tehran Art University.

Kelly Kristin Jones is an Atlanta­based artist who earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Jones? relationship to photography is flexible as she explores community and culture through photographic documentation influenced by performance and a post­internet approach. Jones is the recipient of a number of awards including the MINT Gallery Leap Year Artist Award (2013), the James Weinstein Memorial Fellowship (2012), The Union League & Civic Arts Foundation Prize (2012) and the Municipal Art League Fellowship (2012).

Grace Needleman is a Chicago­based artist and educator. Her work questions the meaning and experience of belonging. Through collage, she animates the characters, myths, symbols, and rituals of her family and communities As a teaching artist, she works with the Teen Creative Agency of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and other youth across the city to explore questions of art in society, participation and invitation, and the museum. She received her MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths and her BA in fine art from Yale University.

Needleman's work is a collaboration with Elisa Gonzalez, who writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She is a current M.F.A. student in poetry at New York University and a 2011 graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in English.

Iman Person is a visual artist based in the Atlanta area. Her use of found materials and environmental consciousness breaths heavy in her work and creates a hybrid reality between physical, ethereal and metaphysical realms. In 2010 she received her B.F.A from Georgia State University and has shown in numerous exhibitions since. She has become a fixture in the Atlanta arts community both in the exhibition sphere and in public art arenas. She is a member of the Atlanta based collective, Dashboard Coop, is a Hambidge fellow and one of twelve Walthall fellows for 2013­2014.


New work by Namwon Choi

Exhibition: July 5-19, 2014

About the artist and exhibition: Namwon Choi is a recent MFA painting Grad from Georgia State University. The show, curated by John Brandhorst, is an artistic interpretation of a self generated chamber of the heart circulating the blood through the body as an evidence of life.


gallery pic

The Xchange Gallery is a 650 sq ft display space ideal for all manner of visual arts exhibitions: sculpture, multi-media, painting, photography, installations, video and more. The Arts Exchange gallery committee members facilitate and in many instances curate exhibitions of all of the above. Gallery committee members are Arts Exchange studio artists, board members and community members, all curators, arts educators and artists in their own right.

Nigerian artist David Osevwe with Arts Exchange
Board Chair Cheryl Odeleye

The Xchange Gallery 2013 shows include solo exhibitions of modern and contemporary work by established artists, as well as group exhibitions, including the Arts Exchange studio artists show.

The Arts Exchange Arts Education Program is facilitating occasional exhibitions as well. We invite you to meet our Xchange Gallery committee members at one of our opening or closing reception or artist talk for one of our upcoming exhibits.


Saturday, May 16
Doors open at 8pm

The Ballad of Sweet Auburn
by Altrazo Tiller

Presented by Tillervision


May 16, 11pm - 3am

Beyond the Hype

The Arts Exchange may be ideally suited for your performance, arts showcase, rehearsals or social event. Contact us to book the Paul Robeson Theatre or the Ebon Dooley Board Room. Ask about our creative use of additional public spaces for receptions and vendor marketplaces.



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