It’s always an exciting time to graduate high school and start applying for college or university. What many students don’t understand entails the hustle of the application process, which at times, can prove overwhelming and stressful. You always want to stand out among the sea of applicants, and writing an excellent essay marks one way of doing just that. But as with many students, it’s not easy.

So what can you do to ensure your essay writing proves unique and with quality that can set you apart from the rest of the applicants?

The Best Essay Prompts for Quality College Application Essay Piece

  • Describe an aspect of your background, identity, or story that proves instrumental to your personality. To write an essay based on this, you have to try and find an identity aspect that can distinguish you from the rest. You then have to highlight this unique viewpoint you will take to your chosen university. By picking a unique subject for your essay, you increase your chances of getting your essay noticed.
  • Pen down something about a period of failure in your life and the implication of the failure in your life. You can then conclude with how such an experience of failure has enhanced your dealings with the same situations currently. Well, not many individuals can willingly admit their flaws, but in becoming honest, you can bring a fresh sense of refreshment in the story-telling aspect. 
  • Enumerate the details about a period you challenged an existing perspective you held dear and why. Such an essay requires you to pick a period where you got to experience and listen to perspectives divergent from yours. It’s crucial to demonstrate your ability to withdraw from your belief system and learn things from individuals that have a contrary perspective. In doing so, the college can get a better idea of your capability in engaging different and difficult ideological deliberations, besides your humility and character.
  • Write concerning a challenge that you currently face or want to resolve. Here, you don’t have to get afraid of thinking outside the box. Well, settling on a widespread issue such as hunger can prove easy, but tackling a creative challenge can showcase the interest and passion you hold dear, thereby setting you apart from the rest.
  • You can also write concerning an event or time that transitioned you from childhood to adulthood in your local community. Try and think of significant events that transitioned your development. Whatever comes first has to get discarded as every other Tom or Harry can think of the same. It has to prove unique enough and interesting as well to capture the imagination of the college admissions board.
  • Describe one of your favorite films or books in which the main protagonist decides to do a complicated thing. What perspective do you have concerning their choice? To remain unique and stand out from the rest, pick a film or book that proves interesting but not widely known by people.


Essay writing can prove complicated at times when you lack ideas on what topic to pick or how to start when it comes to the writing process. To avoid all these, you can consider the prompts provided, or just buy TOK essay online and quickly get an effective and exciting essay.