The descriptive essay is used to create a vivid picture of a person, place, or subject. Its main plot is in the form of a personal story and observation.  The main writing process includes observing the environment (places, people, actions, and the objects around us). A reader creates a picture of a person, place, thing, or event through descriptive writing.

A descriptive essay is written in the first person. Use clear and concise language with idioms, metaphors, etc. The first paragraph is the introduction; the second paragraph is the least important point; the third is the second least important point. In paragraph 4, state the key point.

There is a multiple-step process on how to write a descriptive essay

The initial step requires the prewriting to have enough time to prepare the initial draft. In this step, it is important to describe what is the main topic. Describe the main subject of the story – for example, a grandparent, the item, a favorite animal, etc. Outline the main details of the story and a subject. Thus, write about physical characteristics, memories, feelings, and ideas. Add specific adverbs, so the reader catches a sense of taste, color, smell (stark white, bright sky, large stock, etc.). the use of similes such as ‘’like’ ‘ or ‘’as’’ may be of great help.

In the revising step, try to define whether the essay provides a complete topic experience. Make sure to check whether there are enough details to describe the specific character or an item.

In the editing part, it is necessary to proofread and correct all grammar mistakes. Identify the style errors – such as clarity and clichés.

Before any publishing process, make sure to have feedback from colleagues or mentors. In conclusion, provide a logical paragraph with the use of descriptive words.

The structure of a descriptive essay

The introduction paragraph consists of a hook. A hook is a statement that aims to catch the reader’s attention. The writer may connect information from the hook and add it to the main body paragraph.

Thesis statement represents the main idea statement, and it consists of three points of development. There are three main patterns used for descriptive writing: chronological, spatial land psychological. Avoid too many adjectives, adverbs, and clichéd figures of speech.

The body paragraph ought to have a clear sentence that supports the details and concluding sentence. The conclusion restates the thesis and summarizes the points of the development.

Transition words and phrases that signal description are used in descriptive writing and depend on whether you describe a person, a place, or a thing.

Finally, use words that create a mental picture for the reader, powerful action verbs, specific nouns and adjectives, natural language, and avoid repetition, slang, and cliches.